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Treasures of the forest

Rustic Furniture and Live-edge Wood Sale

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Our Warranty

At Treasures of the Forest we offer one year limited warranty on Craftsmanship. Should any issues arise due to Craftsmanship, we will repair or replace it at our cost. Examples would be any parts fitting incorrectly or joinery that loosens. Some manufacturing defects can be fixed at owners home .If the table needs to be removed from clients home we will repair it and return it as quickly as possible.

Treasures of the Forest builds furniture in so called “big wood “ category which means than we use huge often singe pieces of solid wood to build your table. They been growing and living for thousands of years and as such they continue to live in your home and are subject to seasonal movement changes.

Every effort is made to control the wood we use from warping or cracking however unforeseen issues can arise from working with such a huge pieces of solid wood.

If such a issues arise it will be up to the discretion of Treasures of the Forest to determine warranty coverage. Proper humidity is required in your home to control natural phenomena of warping and cracking . 30-40% humidity level is recommended for all our products.

Our warranty exclude abuse, accidents or misuse. Should one of these occur Treasures of the Forest will offer the client a preferred rate to repair and/or refinish our product.

Mineral markings or deposits, natural edges sap and knots are not consider defects and therefore, will not be covered under our Limited warranty.