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Treasures of the forest

Rustic Furniture and Live-edge Wood Sale

Photo Gallery

Benches & coffee-tables Benches & coffee-tables Cedar coffee-table made with single plank 3"thick 149304063 split cedar legs to the coffee-table 149304064 small cedar coffee-table, natural edge, split legs 149304065 house bench made to order, Douglas Fir, natural edge 149304066 details from previous bench 149304067 edge of the bench 149304068 Our logo on the side of the bench 149304514 Small coffee-table, cedar,split legs 149304515 poplar garden bench with "special" round legs 149304518 large garden bench on it's place in the garden 149304521 Cedar bench, 48"x20" 162450586 The same cedar bench,48"x20" 162450587 Cedar coffee-table,with drawer made to order 172686725 172686726 172686727 set of two Cedar benches 172686728 172686837 172686892 172686893 Cedar bench 4'X14" 183990046 It can be used inside and out 183990047 Cedar set-table and bench great inside and out on the patio! 183990048 Cedar contemporary style coffee table this model you can order at the Furniture First Store in Stony Plain ,AB 192102293 Drift Wood Cedar Coffee table 192102294 natural edge drift wood coffee table 196490567 elegant cedar coffee table 196493762 small cedar coffee table 18h 20w and 36 l 196506397 outside memorial bench 196506398 two coffee tables in production 196506399